Classic Voyages


Full Day Excursion to El Jadida & Azemour

The medinas (Old Towns) of El Jadida and Azemmour still depict a mixture of architectures : Portuguese, Arab, Andalusian and Berber architectural styles. From the OUM RABIAA River bridge , you will catch a stunning panoramic view of Azemmour’s whitewashed buildings clustered on the banks of the River. Walk through the[…]

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Half Day City Tour of Agadir

Your drive from pier will lead you to the fort or kasbah set above the Atlantic shoreline.This is the former Agadir built to defend against the onslaught of Portuguese invaders , and destroyed by the earthquake of 1960. The kasbah is known for its breathtaking view over Agadir’s almost endless[…]

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Half Day Tiznit

This tour combines both cultural/historical element in Troudant , and the rural /environmental one In the Berber village /Oasis of Tiout .You will have the opportunity for a donkey ride along the oasis ,before savouring a delicious lunch with local folk show in a local guest house .

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Half Day Taroudant

Taroudant , with its red mud walls was once capital for the Saadian dynasty . The distinctive essence of this serene town is best discovered at its wonderful souks (markets) located in the Old Town medina area-among the most colorful in Morocco. Cross the Mellah, the former Jewish quarter, and[…]

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Tangier City Tour

In Tangier which was once an international area , and home for reputed writers and artists , you will see Cap Spartel with the beautiful view of the point where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet , discover Hercules’ Caves, where legend mingles with history . The caves[…]

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Half Day Asilah

Throughout history, the small coastal city of Asilah has been coveted by both portugal and spain, and thus has been a longstanding scene of great bloodshed. However , you will discover that Asilah’s history has a kinder side as well—the city is well know for its enormous cultural and artistic[…]

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Half Day Tetouan

In Tetouan, known as the White Dove due to the color of its buildings, you will discover a town which still exhibits a profoundly Spanish influence, as it was a Territory of Spain until asserting independence in 1956. Visit the outside of the Royal Palace ‘s wide esplanade,with its Arab-Islamic[…]

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Half Day OR Full Day Rabat

Rabat, Administrative capital of Morocco and one of the four Imperial Cities. During this tour , you will visit the courtyard outside the Royal Palace and the 12th-century Hassan Tower gracefully dominating the ruins of a mosque. You will discover the fascinating Andalusian gardens and the savour a mint tea in[…]

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Half Day Casablanca City Tour

The tour of Casablanca , th economic capital of Morocco ,will take you to Casablanca’s New Medina—a modern development in a traditional style— Here , you will view the outside of the magnificent Royal Palace, and the Regional Law Court MAHKAMA . You will also briefly visit the Notre Dame[…]

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