Classic Voyages

Full Day Excursion to El Jadida & Azemour

The medinas (Old Towns) of El Jadida and Azemmour still depict a mixture of architectures : Portuguese, Arab, Andalusian and Berber architectural styles. From the OUM RABIAA River bridge , you will catch a stunning panoramic view of Azemmour’s whitewashed buildings clustered on the banks of the River. Walk through the kasbah (fortifications) to reach a large square overlooking the river. The nearby synagogue bears witness to the age-old peaceful coexistence of Jews and Muslims. In El Jadida ,Portuguese town—Mazagane—,visit the Portuguese cistern—a water reservoir designed to help the town endure a prolonged siege , walk through the Old Town and you’ll stop for a panoramic view over the port and the Atlantic Ocean.

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