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                                                  CREATED    IN   1998 .


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We are an Incoming  /Outgoing tour operator based in Morocco ,and a

result of several years of experience in tourism business , and

Destination  Management .

Composed of both Young and also  very experienced Staff .Our company

is committed to provide a unique and exceptional experience to our guests  .

Our aim   since 1998  is to supply the highest quality of  travel arrangements  .


Our diversified services ,include  ,among others  :

–  Business Travel :

–  Incentives , Seminars & Events.

– Tailor made F.I.T & Group Tours.

–   Imperial Cities and  Grand   Tours .

–   Hiking /Trekking and mountain exploration.

–    Encampment , Camel Trek &  Desert Expedition.

–  Shore Excursions for cruise ships ,from all Moroccan Ports.

– Air & Maritime  Ticketing /OMRA & HAJJ .

–  Outgoing Trips Abroad .

– Hire of deluxe vehicles of all types and Sizes .


Our Philosophy is based on new Destination Options ,continually developing new trips focusing on unexplored  areas and  unbeaten tracks  . Our hotels’ portfolio increases day by day to meet the needs and the expectations of our clients ,looking for high standard of accommodation at extremely competitive rates in key destinations . At Destination Options ; we fully realize that our success depends on our customers’ satisfaction : that’s why we undertake everything within our power to exceed clients’ expectations in terms of quality and value . Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision & mission statements. We exist because of our customer and we are very grateful to our customers who made us what we are today . We now strive to take our organization to the higher level ,so that we can serve our guests  even better and continue to keep them fully satisfied .


To let your dream for  a memorable trip come true , kindly contact us  !


You will find here what you need to know for a trip of a lifetime .

We will be waiting for your valuable requests ..




Mohamed OURAK                                   Mohamed HIMMI

General Manager                                     Director of Product Development


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